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Modern Bouquet Preservation – Vendor Highlight

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and it’s natural to want to hold onto the memories of that day forever. One way to do that is by preserving your bridal bouquet in a unique and beautiful way. Imagine being able to look at a stunning piece of art in your home and be reminded of the love and joy of your wedding day every time you see it. In this article, we’ll introduce you to a wedding vendor that specializes in creating beautiful and timeless art pieces using your bridal bouquet.

Kristen Moux is not only a wife and mother of three, but also a creative vendor who offers a unique service – bouquet preservation. With six years of experience in the wedding industry, she has helped countless couples bring their dream weddings to life. Along the way, she has discovered a love for preserving the memories of the special day in a unique and beautiful way. Now, as part of her services, she offers the opportunity to turn a bridal bouquet into a stunning piece of art that can be treasured for years to come. We got the chance to ask Kristen a few questions about her business, how she got started, and what she likes to do when shes not working. Check out the short interview below.

1) How do you incorporate floral elements into your party favor designs and what inspired you to offer this unique service?

So we actually don’t offer party favors – that’s not our market at all. We are a wedding keepsake and preservation company where we take the couples flowers and give them a new and extended lease on life by making resin keepsakes and silk prints. During the pandemic when weddings were shut down, I wasn’t able to work as a planner. During that time I spent more time with my family but also got back into crafts – something I didn’t have time to do while working. I took a resin class at Ben Franklin learning ocean resin art and thought that it would be SO awesome to be able to provide my clients with a keepsake at the end of their wedding. I did a ton of research and a lot of experimenting and was able to figure out how to cast fresh flowers – preserving them for far longer than their normal life. Before weddings officially came back people started contacting me to preserve their flowers from their elopements. The pandemic has brought about a new wave of sentimentalism for couples that I think is really sweet.


2) What inspired you to start your company and begin working in the wedding business?

I originally started as a wedding planner about 8 years ago and have been doing that full time until the pandemic. Since the pandemic, the preservation business has allowed me to provide a service to Hawaii that wasn’t here previously. Couples previously had to ship their bouquets to the mainland. If they were successful at making it through the Dept of Ag, the flowers were usually dying by the time a preservations there would receive it. This gives them a local option that is convenient, close, and not nearly as costly as shipping it to the states. We are proud to be the preservationists for Hawaii.


3) What is your favorite memory from one of your past weddings you worked with?

Our primary business is post wedding, but we are over the moon when clients receive and open their keepsakes. We often get text messages, notes in the mail, and even gifts thanking us for doing such an amazing job. Every time they look at their flowers they get a flood of fond memories from their wedding day. Some have even mentioned how it brings tears to their eyes and we can not be more appreciative of them sharing those moments with us.


4) Can you share some of the most innovative and creative party favors you’ve designed for weddings?

We have created a couple of table tops – by far our biggest project and one that we were really excited to do!


5) When you’re not working, what’s your favorite way to unwind and have some fun?

I love to travel. Seeing the world, what it has to offer, and trying to bring something back to Hawaii that inspires me is something I LOVE to do. I love sharing – knowledge, food, art, skills, ideas, traditions, and culture. We are currently expanding our home office and designing an entrance inspired by my last trip to France where we stayed in a beautiful chateau in Provence. I’ll be traveling to Mexico next month to learn more about silk printing and hope to provide our clients with even better keepsakes with the techniques I learn. When I’m not traveling, I like quite time – to cuddle up with a book, tea, and an oversized blanket near a window and my dog. 🙂

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