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Tropical Moon Events – Vendor Highlight

Tropical Moon Events is a full-service event planning company that offers unique and personalized event experiences for clients visiting Hawaii from around the world.

Dania Mossman founded Tropical Moon Events in 2011. Dania is a Hawaii native with a passion for detail, organization, and design. The company began as a cocktail catering business. Over time, Tropical Moon Events expanded its services to include full-service planning, coordination, bar, and waitstaff services.

The company has built a reputation for high-end service and a focus on hospitality, or ho`okipa. Moreover, they are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Tropical Moon Events uses eco-friendly practices such as composting and recycling and works with vendors who share their values.

Their team is passionate about creating unique and unforgettable events. Furthermore, Tropical Moon Events offers a wide range of services, including event design, planning and coordination. Moreover, they collaborate with some of the top wedding vendors in Hawaii to fulfill your every need.

Overall, Tropical Moon Events is a creative and innovative event planning company. They offer personalized and sustainable services to clients seeking an unforgettable event. Their reputation for high-end service and a focus on hospitality has made them a leading provider of event planning and coordination services on O`ahu.

We got the chance to ask Dania and her team a few fun questions about their business and some of their experiences along the way. Check out our Q&A below:

1) Can you share a quirky story or two about a wedding you’ve planned and how you helped make it unforgettable?

We’ve pulled off weddings during hurricanes, ones that took just days before COVID shut the world down, and everything in between. From herding cows out of the ceremony to ordering floral crowns for horses, we could (and should) write a book about our amazing experiences as wedding professionals in Hawai`i. The best part? 99% of the time our couples have NO CLUE that there were any hiccups. We thrive on solving problems without any one even knowing it happened!

More often than not, we become very close to the couple – so much so that we have a hard time saying ‘goodbye’ when the wedding ends. This bond drives us to strive to make the wedding as beautiful as possible for them. We have all sorts of extra-mile tricks up our leaves to make it unforgettable, but we can’t give away all of our secrets!

2) What’s the most creative or unique drink you’ve served at a wedding bar?

We’ve served everything under the sun, from Guava Honey Margaritas to our island Lychee Pina Colada, but our people love our signature Tiki-Rita (Hawaiian Style Margarita with Li-Hing Papaya Puree) as well as our fresh-made Pineapple soda which can be kept as a Mocktail or just add Vodka! Another winner is our fresh-made Ginger Soda which is great with Whiskey and a dash of bitters! On that note, if you love whiskey, you really can’t go wrong with our mango whiskey sour or our old fashioned Hawaiian with our house-made pineapple syrup.

3) Can you tell me about a time when your waitstaff went above and beyond to make a guest’s experience extra special at a wedding?

One time we had a flower girl who’s birthday was on the wedding day, but both the bride and groom had forgotten it. Our lead planner, Darcie, asked the bride and groom if it was okay to at least sing happy birthday to her, along with a cupcake from the dessert table and bday candle from our emergency kit… she was so delighted (and so were the bride and groom!)

4) Have you ever had to handle a wedding day crisis, and if so, how did you handle it with grace and style?

There was one wedding where somehow bright pink lipstick got thrown into the bride’s dress bag!! She was absolutely devastated when she pulled her dress out to see a hot pink stain right on the front of her dress. Our waitstaff captain that day was able to work her magic and get the stain completely out, all while delegating her duties to the rest of the team so that she could break away for an hour to work on the dress. The bride was overjoyed and we were all relieved!!

5) What’s the most unusual request you’ve received from a couple for their wedding, and how did you bring it to life?

The most unusual request we’ve gotten was for the groom to ride into the ceremony on a horse, along to the Game of Thrones theme song on guitar (yet he’d never ridden a horse in his life!). We set up a few lessons with the horse trainer to get him comfortable and he did great on the wedding day – though he might have outshined his bride a little! LOL

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