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When it comes to bringing the party to a wedding, few people do it better than DJ D-Lyte. Based in the beautiful state of Hawaii, D-Lyte has been spinning tracks and getting people on the dance floor for years. With his infectious energy and extensive music knowledge, he’s become a go-to choice for couples looking to add some excitement and fun to their wedding day. But there’s more to DJ D-Lyte than just his musical talents. Whether he’s getting a shy guest to bust a move or keeping the energy high throughout the night, he’s a true professional who knows how to make any wedding a memorable and unforgettable experience.

Learn more about Dwight by reading the Q&A below:

1) What got you started in the DJ business?

My uncle/family who were heavily involved in the music business. Naturally, I listened to music incessantly, and learned to use all types of music production equipment from the professionals in his vicinity. I have a passion for music and enjoy creating a fun and energetic atmosphere for others. Not to sound cliché, but music is in my blood.


2) How do you get the party started and keep everyone on the dance floor all night?

I use a variety of music to cater to everyone’s tastes. Play a mix of popular dance songs, oldies, and current hits to keep the crowd engaged. I use good lighting to enhance the overall atmosphere and get people in the mood to dance. Along with a combination of colored lights, strobe lights, and laser lights to create a visually stimulating environment.

I like to get the crowd involved by leading dance games, contests, or simply encouraging people to dance. I also make announcements or lead a sing-along to get everyone pumped up.

Allow people to request their favorite songs to make them feel more connected to the party and keep the energy levels high. I also play high-energy songs to aid in keeping the party going.


3) Can you share a story about a particularly memorable wedding you worked and how you helped make it special?

I fondly recall DJing for a couple who wanted their special day to be a non-stop dance party. They were both big music lovers and wanted to make sure their guests had a great time.

To make their wedding special, I created a playlist that included a mix of the couple’s favorite songs, along with popular dance tunes to keep everyone on the dance floor all night long. I also incorporated special lighting effects to enhance the atmosphere and get everyone in the mood to dance. I also included Dry-ice fog machine and four Cold Sparklers which set the mood

During the reception, I kept the energy levels high by leading dance games and contests, taking requests, and encouraging people to dance. I also made announcements throughout the night to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

At the end of the night, the bride and groom thanked me for helping to make their special day even more memorable. They said that everyone had a blast and that the dance floor was packed all night long. The guests were very pleased, resulting with a few of them hiring me for their wedding.


4) How do you work with the couple to create their dream playlist for the big day?

I usually schedule a pre-wedding consultation, which gives me an opportunity to meet with the couple and discuss their musical preferences, style, and any special requests they have. Get a feel for the couple’s style by asking about their favorite genres, artists, and specific songs that hold special meaning to them. This will give me a good idea of the type of music they like and want to hear at their wedding. Based on the information gathered from the consultation, I create a playlist that includes a mix of the couple’s favorite songs, popular dance tunes, and songs that are appropriate for the different parts of the wedding (e.g., ceremony, cocktail hour, reception).

Before the wedding, the playlist is sent to the couple for feedback and make any necessary adjustments based on their preferences. On the day of the wedding, I am always prepared to take requests and make changes to the playlist based on the crowd’s energy and mood. By following these steps, I work with couples to create a dream playlist that reflects their musical tastes and helps create a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone at the wedding. Couples can also go to the client portal and create their playlist. From there couples can add songs to applicable categories; Pre Ceremony Music, Cocktail Hour, Dinner Reception, Open Dance Floor and “Do Not Play.”


5) Can you share any tips for couples who are selecting music for their wedding?

Plan ahead: Give yourself enough time to research, listen to, and select the music for your wedding. This will also give your DJ or band enough time to prepare for your big day.

Consider your guests: While it is important to choose music that you love, also keep in mind that you want to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for your guests. Choose a mix of music that will appeal to all ages and tastes.

Choose music that has special meaning: Consider including songs that hold special significance to you and your partner, such as the song you danced to on your first date or the song that was playing when you got engaged.

Consider the mood: The type of music you choose will set the mood for each part of your wedding, from the ceremony to the reception. Choose music that is appropriate for each part of the day.

Don’t be afraid to be unique: Your wedding is a celebration of your love and your individuality, so don’t be afraid to choose music that is unique or reflects your personal tastes.

Communicate your preferences and provide a playlist of songs you would like to hear.

By following these tips, couples can choose music that will create a fun and memorable atmosphere for their wedding and ensuring that everyone have a great time.

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