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Michael aka "DJ Kurious" grew into a life of music from his family's exposure to hip hop, R&B, and a lot of Karaoke. Dating as far back as 1998, he has received various opportunities in his career as a mobile and nightclub DJ creating a wealth of knowledge, experience, and humility. When faced with his first wedding in 2010, DJ Kurious began establishing himself as an independent mobile DJ company. Since then Michael has never looked back. His growth over the years allowed him to make DJ Kurious a full-time career.

What sets DJ Kurious apart is his willingness to learn and grow. Coupled with his commitment to give back to the community, provides you someone you can professionally rely on. His greatest strength is his ability to understand the crowd's diverse interests and adapt to the crowd's reactions. Which includes customizing his attire to costumes that match your unique wedding vision!


I am a full time open format Video DJ with the passion for music and understand the importance of my clients as well as my audience, musical preferences. I bring years of experience as a club, mobile, and wedding DJ. I put a great deal of research and knowledge with my sound and lighting, as well as additional services that would help make your event extra special. Im the type of DJ always trying to look for new innovative ways improve our service.

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