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Sugako Johnson, the founder of Bliss Bridal, is a highly experienced wedding planner in Hawaii with over 20 years of expertise. Her fluency in English and Japanese and knowledge of Asian, American and Hawaiian cultures allows her to understand and meet the needs of couples from diverse backgrounds. Sugako's meticulous attention to detail, keen eye for aesthetics, and excellent communication and organization skills ensures flawlessly executed weddings, whether they are intimate house weddings, lavish ballroom affairs, or laid-back beach ceremonies. With an extensive network in Oahu's wedding industry, she collaborates with top professionals to bring her clients' visions to life, relieving them of stress and providing a personalized and unforgettable Hawaii wedding experience.

Sugako graduated from Tsuda College in Tokyo with a bachelor’s degree in International Studies. She has been calling Hawaii home since 1998. She has planned and coordinated more than 500 weddings.


We are a Hawaii event planner based on the island of Oahu.

What sets Bliss Bridal apart is our genuine passion for merging different cultures in intercultural and international weddings. Knowing and understanding Japanese and American cultures and languages has been valuable to assist intercultural weddings. We pride ourselves on the level of customer satisfaction and the success of each event we pursue, a wide variety of experiences, how meticulous and detailed we are, and how we care about each client and each wedding. We truly want our clients to have their BEST DAY EVER in paradise.

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