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I am a fun loving, adventurous, organically grown, photographer originally from Montana. I believe that family and finding connection are some of the most important things in life. The pursuit of capturing those connections is the reason I became a photographer. And what an honor it is to be there for the big moments in people’s lives: engagements, weddings, babies, and beyond. What defines my method (and frankly what sets me apart) is my ability to put people at ease. It's the key to getting natural, radiant photos that you will love. I believe creativity is in endless supply and I am inspired every day by something new; the natural world, my adorable kiddos, and my awesome clients, to name a few.


Your wedding day is filled with so much emotion, love, and laughter (all the feels). I want to capture all of that for you, and for my photos instantly bring back that day. If you're like a lot of people (and myself), getting in front of the camera is a nerve-racking experience. I'm here to make that part easy for you.

I love getting to know my clients before the wedding, it helps me find out what types of pictures are important to you. And it helps you feel relaxed and comfortable around me.

My packages are built around the number of hours that you need and I include a lot of photos in my galleries.

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