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Iolana Events was born out of a love for helping friends plan and enjoy their weddings without having to worry about the details. After years of celebrating with lifelong friends, it was clear that this was meant to be for me! With a bachelor's in biology, my science background and previous career life being in environmental science, you might thing, "What?! How?!" But I truly believe that while I was always most passionate about people and relationships, my educational journey gave me all the tools to be the detail-oriented, data-organizing, spreadsheet-mastering Wedding Planner that I am today! Post-two babies and with a firefighter hubby, weddings were just the perfect fit for not just what I love, but for our family! In 2018 we dove into this wedding world heart first and we won't dare look back!


We are here to help you think through and plan for every detail of your special day! Whether you need us to jump in from the very start to work through selecting vendors and items that align with your vision and budget (ding ding ding!), or need us to come in right at the tail end to tighten up all the tiny details and execute the amazing day you worked so hard to plan, Iolana Events is here to make it happen. You can select from packages ranging from full planning to day-of coordination. If none of those fit your needs perfectly, let's chat to create your customized package. Everything you need and nothing you don't. On your day, you should rest easy knowing everything you'd selected, every element you desire, is in its place and doing what it's supposed to without you having to think about it. We're the quiet, quick movers throughout your day that ensure no piece is missed. All you need to worry about is enjoying each moment and soaking everything in! "The day will fly by," everyone says. Well, if that's the case, you better make sure you've got nothing on your mind but hanging on to it!

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