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My name is Brittany. I created Hala Kahiki Hut for guests to experience a fresh, local, tropical twist on drink services. Our unique pineapple cups are fun for guests of all ages. We can provide a small bar service, we are also happy to work along side a more intricate bar catering company of your choice. We are here to accommodate you in any way we can on your very special day!

Hala Kahiki Hut provides a fun, fresh, unique, drink experience! Guests will get to enjoy watching their fresh pineapple be cut, cored and turned in to a unique, tropical cup for enjoying their drink out of. The fresh pineapple fruit from each cup will be cut and served for the guest to enjoy! We provide fresh pineapple juice pressed the day of the event, which is delicious by itself, pineapple water, or spiced up with a liquor of your choice! We can also make fresh, dried pineapples as party favors for guests.

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