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DJ Troy Michael is Not your typical Wedding DJ.   A Honolulu & San Francisco nightlife veteran, DJ Troy takes a modern approach to weddings without the typically Cupid shuffle,  Cha Cha Slide, or YMCA, cliche type songs that are often overplayed.

He thrives in working with couples that have a more eclectic & unique music taste. He is well known for packed dance floors with hours of non stop dancing leaving guests wanting more.

Troy's music approach is simple:  play the right song at the right time,  play songs that people love but often don’t expect, & mix music seamlessly.

“It is my job to take a party from 0 to 100. For me, it’s all about setting the right atmosphere & vibe early on at an event. It starts from the minute guests arrive for cocktail hour. Every minute & every song counts. If I have done everything right, the event will be at 80 before dancing actually starts."

Creating the most the most FUN Wedding Ever for couples that want more than the average DJ. Packing dance floors & making memories with out the cheesy stuff. Relax..Enjoy...Dance.
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