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Aloha Taps’ founders fell in love with the tuk-tuk they discovered in the Kaka’ako district of Honolulu. A popular mode of transportation in Thailand and other parts of the world, tuk-tuks are rare in the United States. The owners painstakingly restored the vehicle and added a tap system, transforming it into an enchanting, functional bar. As the years went on, we created (literally with our own hands) our tap fountain, frozé bar carts, and wooden bars.


Aloha Taps is a mobile bar service based on Oahu. Featuring a four-tap system installed in their signature tuk-tuk, this company brings character and charm to any event. We proudly hold the title of Oahu’s first mobile tuk tuk and Fountain Wall. We can serve almost any beverage from a keg on our taps, including beer, hard setlzers or kombucha, or nitro cold brew coffee. Guests are sure to be captivated by this unique bar and its refreshing drinks on tap. Aloha Taps provides a full-service bar to events across the island of Oahu. Each package they offer includes bartenders to masterfully pour drinks for you and your guests.

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