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We are Gazoz! Urban & Country beautiful drinks; We garnish each drink with a variety of edible flowers and local seasonal tropical fruits. Gazoz is a local bar service on Oahu that specializes in 'Farm-to-Cup' beverages, which is very similar to farm to table, just with mocktails and cocktails!

Prior to every event, Gazoz team harvests fresh herbs, edible flowers and seasonal fruits from different organic farms around the island, these fruits, crafted simples and shrubs, along with fresh organic herbs and edible flowers are added into the drinks along with sparkling water which creates “Gazoz”- a fizzy fruity fresh beverage, making it the perfect drink all year round in Hawaii.


From mocktails to cocktails, each drink is unique and custom made rich with floral aromas, flavorful fruits, and a variety of bright colors. Our drinks are a celebration of seasonal ingredients locally sourced by the owner Danielle and her team. Prior to every event one of the mixologists harvests edible flowers and organic herbs from the different farms we work with around the island, and created edible flower bouquets. This is all possible thanks to amazing women farmers on island. Then we add the large variety of edible flowers to our drinks, which brings out the natural beauty of every locally sourced ingredient. Combining the fresh fruits, herbs, homemade syrups, and sparkling water, the Gazoz team strives to make a big impact on your wedding day by making the bar set up memorable, beautiful, unique and custom curated as possible

The Gazoz team is committed to delivering personalized and professional service catered to you. Whether you choose our Vintage Horse Trailer Bar ‘Auntie Sue’ or our beautiful handmade Redwood Bar ‘Uncle Ed' for a stunning rustic country feel.  Each comes with freshly picked local flowers and harvested herbs.

Gazoz does not provide alcohol, however the team is more than happy to add any splashes of your chosen spirits, we also can serve wine and beer, and we offer tray service and table service. From tequila to champagne, when it comes to designing your wedding’s signature drink the possibilities are endless and we will work with you on the perfect menu as well as bar options.

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